Asya Velikova

Asya Velikova (ABCrafter) is a young lady dedicated to the idea of turning her numerous ideas into reality. She is into variety of activities - painting, sewing, mix media, embroidery on paper ... where there is art, there is craft, there is Asya ...

Asya's most popular piece of work is her non-standard 3D albums and interactive cards, which she makes entirely individual by combining colors, constructions, elements according to the personality and the profession of the recipient, the specific occasion and, of course, her own feelings. Making an album, especially the more complicated ones, including scenes and 3D decores, sometimes takes the young lady more than 10 days, but the final result is always worth it, as Asya says. ABCrafter has even begun to design own design papers in different themes and colors, according to the specific needs and feelings. Embroidering is the less popular part of Asya’s talents, which she does not show so often, but she's actually in love with, since the 4th grade. In her home there is a collection of tapestries proudly exposed on one of her walls. She also makes her own designs of embroidered cards and dreams of a shop full of threads, canvas, papers, albums, boxes, paints and stamps… Besides, Asya knits small jewels with the technique of frivolite, sewing paintings with the isonite technique, modeling with fimo, painting through the mix media. A new challenge lies in the making of small beeswax candles and the mastery of carving techniques.

About five years ago, the young lady gave up her career opportunities and completely devoted to her hobby, which she turned into a free profession with income for her family. She initially used the social networks to present her work to friends, but her talent has been quickly appreciated, and currently she has more than 4800 followers who, in addition to enjoying her work, often turn into clients. Asya says that devoting to the art was the most correct decision in her life - now she feels completely relaxed and satisfied, manages to spend more time with her children and family and, besides other things, she creates joy and provokes smiles among many people.


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