Course `Arts Management and Marketing`

The training course `Arts management and marketing` is an educational resource for those interested in employment in management, marketing and administration of creative and cultural enterprises. It will be particularly useful for trainees with little or no insight of the cultural and creative industries but their logical thinking, creativity and motivation is a pre-requisite for employment therein. However, artists and practitioners with more substantial knowledge about the arts and creative industries can also benefit from the course by expanding the breadth and depth of their knowledge, filling the gaps in their knowledge and skills and thus, optimizing their business performance. For the second category of users, additional readings are of particular value.

The course is designed to address in depth specific issues and topics. For convenience, these are organized in 4 modules, each consisting several sub-modules. 

Module 1: External environment, arts organizations and strategic planning  

•T. 1.1: Understanding the arts and creative sectors, their economic and political environment, trends and challenges
•T. 1.2: Strategic planning - mision vision, values and strategies of arts organizations
•T. 1.3.  Leadership and change management in arts organizations

Module 2: Internal environment and Operative management 

•T. 2.1: Organizational structure, staffing, governance and stakeholder management in the arts and creative sectors; relationship between organizations and individual artists
•T. 2.2: Facilities, operational management 

Module 3: Strategic marketing and marketing management 

•T. 3.1: Marketing mix and marketing plan in the fields of arts and CCIs
•T. 3.2: Market opportunities in culture, youth and the arts; opportunity evaluation, sources of market data
•T.3.3. Audience development and community engagement
•T.3.4. Marketing and publicity art brands 

Module 4: Sources of finances and financial management 

  • T. 4.1: Fundraising, grant writing, capital and endowment campaigns 
  • T. 4.2: Copyrights and contract
  • T.4.3. Pricing strategy and box office 
  • T.4.4. Financing and budgeting 

For more information on the learning objectives of the course or its modules, as well as for instructions on how to use the course, please refer to the complementary Methodological guidelines