Dimitrina Ruseva

Dimitrina Ruseva was born in 1984 in the town of Dobrich. Her love for Bulgarian music she inherited from her grandmother and mother. She has graduated her secondary education in musical direction (profile of folk singing) and the higher one - in the field of public administration, but this does not stop her performing on the musical scene.

Over the years she has been working with many orchestras, as her most prolific work was being a soloist of the “Izvor” orchestra. Together they have released three professionally recorded albums, entirely with folk music, as Dimitrina was the author of the music and the arrangement of most of the songs. Together they have taken part in a number of concerts, festivals and folklore events, where they have been promoting and presenting their work. They have been performing both authentic and processed vocal and instrumental folk music from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

She has also recorded three video clips of her own songs, which enjoy a huge audience interest. For over 20 years, the band has been developing and distributing its unique style, mixing folk music with a variety of contemporary elements, with modern arrangement and sound.

The main field for expression of the band remains the Bulgarian wedding, to which each of the quintet has dedicated more than ten years. They use typical for Bulgarian folk music instruments: bagpipe, accordion, piano and clarinet.

The orchestra remains one of the most popular for performing live music at organized events, not only in the region of Northeastern Bulgaria but also on the territory of the whole country.

The musical ensemble strives to preserve the purity of the authentic sound of Bulgarian folklore but, under the leadership of its leader, Peter Gochev, offers it in an accessible and attractive way for the new generations. The ensemble includes in its repertoire authentic and new arrangements and orchestrations, which preserve the rich traditions and extend the boundaries of expressions through modern interpretation.

At present, Dimitrina Ruseva is gradually withdrawing from the professional stage and the musical circles, focusing on realization in the specialty of her higher education. Deep inside, she carries the muse of the authentic folklore and believes in its ability to pass on the traditions to the next generations.