Diyana Valchanova

  Diyana Valchanova is 32 years old, born in Dobrich. Her appeal to art was discovered at the age of 14, when as a hobby, she began to study and practice fine arts as well as other artistic crafts.

In 2014, Diana rediscovers Quilling - an artistic technique that creates images or objects out of thin, colored paper strips. As a creative form and type of technique, the quilling dated long ago, but its manifestation in the Bulgarian latitudes is only since a few years.

At the beginning, Diana was making cards by using the quilting technique primarily for her friends and acquaintances, and gradually her hobby revealed the potential to become a sustainable business – shte started getting orders for larger quantities of cards, and even for paintings and compositions. After almost an year of successful entrepreneurship, she focused on expanding her business by offering a wider variety of products. She started to study scrapbooking as a basis for making albums, invitations, notebooks, photo frames, and more. She has attended various courses to master new techniques and improve her skills and participated with her products at thematic bazaars and exhibitions.


Currently, the assortment of entirely handmade author's products that the young lady creates includes over 20 different types. In addition to the products made entirely of and on paper, she also creates baptism and wedding sets; home decoration items, various traditional Bulgarian items - martenitsa, survaknitsi, etc.

Since the beginning of 2016 the product portfolio includes handmade natural stone bracelets that combine different types of minerals according to individual customer’s preferences. The young lady says that this has in fact become her greatest passion since, apart from creativity and aesthetic vision, it requires recognition of the psychological traits and attitudes of the person concerned. It turns out that the demand for such jewelery is growing more and more, as people are very interested in natural stones - their symbolism and energy.

Diyana's products are available at extremely affordable prices, as her main goal is to promote her crafts rather than to achieve primarily financial gain. The number of orders received increases monthly. She offers her products through the Internet – she has created her own page in the social networks where she shares her work, but the best advertisement for her has become the customer satisfaction. Di a Na