Intro Mentoring scheme

The SmART Mentoring scheme is dedicated to provide adequate support to prospective people interested in career as an art manager or administrator. It will also be in particular value for persons who would like to start their own business in the fields of art and creative sectors. 

In their support, the SmART partner organizations from Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, South Africa and Bulgaria have nominated persons with skills and experience in different aspect of art management and administration and creative entrepreneurship. These mentors have been trained to provide support by advicing people soliciting for such and thus to guide them through the path of sucesfull career/ business. 

The mentoring scheme will run for 3 months - August, September and October 2017 and each mntor will provide up to 3 sessions/ months. These sessions can be held electronically or personallyy depending on the particular case. 

Anyone interested to participate in these pilot scheme can request this by one of the following methods:

A. In case of a single advice - please send your questions to our official contacts;

B. in case of interest to a full cycle of mentorship - please send us your CV and motivational letter with a brief description of your interests and motivation for involvement in such scheme. 

Our tean will contact all selected participants with more details for their participations. 

Your direct contacts to the mentors might not be taken into consideration till general approvement.