OERs Methodological Guidelines

Methodological Guidelines

Executing the goals and aspirations set, the SmART project ensures the development of a set of training materials, summarized under the name “Managing the Arts and the Creative Sector”. Their main purpose is to provide the necessary for youth workers and youth organizations basis for providing non-formal education and training in direction of building knowledge and skills among young adults for a sector considered as major job provider. Knowledge and skill building process can be organized in the form of intended courses / classes or as encouraged self-preparation of stakeholders. The possibility of to using the developed training materials in different forms and settings of training implies the need of provided instructions and support for their implementation and achievement of effective and sustainable outcomes. These methodological guidelines have been drafted precisely for this goal and purpose. They are an accompanying, supporting document that offers instructions and alternatives for conducting / passing training in a targeted area based on the suggested training materials.

The aim of these methodological guidelines is to provide the necessary foundations for effective exploitation of the possibilities of the OERs as a vehicle for employment, entrepreneurship and creation of social change. The methodological guidelines propose pathways for considering the training materials overall environment and all the actors involved for selection of the most suitable teaching and learning methods.

There are three objectives in practical terms:


To present how the content of the training materials is designed to ensure the conduct / passage of a full course or training;


To offer stakeholders (both trainers and learners) paths and methods of using learning resources under different conditions and contexts to ensure effective final results;


Provide stakeholders with tools and a basis for further enrichment and revision of the proposed training materials according to their place and objectives within a targeted training course;